Why You Should Use Cloudflare For Your Website

Have you heard of Cloudflare? Are you using it for your website right now? If not, we recommend you do. We use it for all of our clients’ websites because it has tremendous benefits. But first, what exactly is it?

How Cloudflare works and what good it does

When you type a website address on your browser, the browser sends a request to the Domain Name System (DNS translates domain names into IP addresses). When it finds the IP address of that website, that’s the time you can access that particular site.

When you add Cloudflare to your domain, it adds a layer of security to your site by acting as a filter to the traffic that comes to it. This way, your site is protected from SQL injection, spam and DDoS attacks and other illegal access.

Cloudflare can also make your website load faster. It distributes and stores a cached copy of your website in its data centers located all over the world. If your server is in the USA for example and a user from Singapore requests to view your website, the files will come from the Cloudflare’s data center that is closest to the user.

And because the request doesn’t have to go all the way from the USA, your website will still load fast, if not faster, for him. Aside from providing a great user experience, search engines also love fast-loading websites.

Third, you can optimize your site even further because Cloudflare has website optimization tools you can use.

Do you want to know how your website if performing?

We certainly recommend using Cloudflare on your website. And what’s even more amazing is, it is a free service!

If you need some help setting Cloudflare up or if you want to check your website’s performance and speed it up, then go to https://tunedwp.com/performance/. We can do a performance review for your website and see what it needs to perform better.

Author: Justin Meadows
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