10 shots lower in 10 weeks  Guaranteed!*

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*Conditions apply

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Some recent results

If you are serious about shooting lower scores and
have you finally had enough of trying to do it by yourself without progressing ...

...then this program is for you!

Proven results that will
last your entire golfing life!

10 shots in 10 weeks sounds too good to be true?

With commitment from you, it's possible, easier than you think, and you can do it all with your current golf swing!

So what is the problem with the old one-off lesson model of instruction?

They work for a short period or fix one specific problem, but they do not produce significantly lower scores long term.
One-off lessons provide some knowledge, but knowledge is nothing without implementation.
If you have ever been successful at anything in your life, then you already know this but have you applied it to your golf?
If you genuinely want long-term lower scores, it takes time to turn knowledge into habits, and you can only do that with regular training, testing, and measuring. That is how this program is different, as you will be doing all of the above.
Another problem with one-off lessons is they are almost always conducted at a driving range in an environment that is about as similar to a game of golf as the 19th hole is to the 18th!
Golf is a problem-solving sport played in an ever-changing environment, by humans that can never do the exact same thing two times in a row.
This means that if you aren't learning and training in an environment that you are playing in (i.e. the golf course), then you are asking for trouble. In this program, every second session is on the golf course.
You have heard enough and would like to talk with Paul some more about this opportunity then click here.
Otherwise, check out my answers to some FAQ's below.


What am I guaranteeing?

If you are shooting 90 or above, I GUARANTEE that you will drop 10 shots in 10 weeks, or I will continue to coach you for FREE until you get there.* (see the bottom of this page for all the conditions)

That's right, I am taking all the risk out of it for you!

After 30+ years of playing Pro-ams around the country with amateur playing partners just like you, I know what it takes to get your scores lower and that 'fixing your swing' isn't it.

I have a straightforward, simple system to get you to your goals, and I have the proof that it works.

(Check out some of my clients results here)

Imagine what breaking 100 or 90 for the first time would feel like?

Imagine doing it regularly?

Imagine how much more you would enjoy your golf?

You could be there in under three months!

Who is this for?

This is for you if -

You have had enough of all the quick tips from Youtube, Golf digest, The tour commentators, your well meaning mates and "swing instructors".

You are serious about improving your scores on course and don't want to have to change your natural swing.

You have been worried that if you get "lessons" your scores will get worse. (I promise you in this program they won't!)

You want to finally take your "range game" to the course.

You are willing to commit to regular training each week.

You understand that a true game assessment is done on the golf course in game-like conditions (not on a driving range!).

You understand that lasting improvement takes time and habits are created over weeks and months not from occasional "lessons"

You want to learn the game where it is played, on the golf course.

You enjoy training with others in a team like environment.

You are OK with doing what you "need" to do for improvement as opposed to what you "want" to do.

You want the time you spend on your game to be more productive.

You want your coaching $$$ to give a much greater value with some measurable results.

You have an open mind to trying new ideas and challenging your previous beliefs

Who these sessions are NOT for?

This is NOT for you if -

You are not open to change and trying new ideas.

You are looking for a quick fix to your game.

You do not practice and play at least once a week, or aren't willing to.

You are not willing to try something different from traditional "lessons".

You are looking for, or believe, that one on one coaching is best for you.

You believe a "consistent swing" is the secret to lower scores.

You think that just practicing more, or harder, is the secret to lower scores.

You practice what makes you feel good as apposed to what you NEED to practice for lower scores during competition.

What are the benefits you will enjoy?

You will learn how to play the real game of golf!

You will create the right type of mindset to shoot lower scores for the rest of your golfing career!

You will learn how to train and play to maintain these lower scores for the long term.

You will learn how to track your progress even more progress in the future.

You will stop wasting your hard-earned dollars and valuable time on one-off lessons that don't work.

You will enjoy the game again and share your insights with your friends.

You will also do all this for a much lower cost than individual lessons. A saving of over 54% in fact!

You will make some great new friends who will join you on your ten week journey and give you great support just like team mates!

How is this program different to others?

This will be individualised coaching in a small team environment for 10 weeks.

You will join 4 like minded golfers who want lasting improvement to their on course results.

We will be training for 2 hours each session alternating between the range and the golf course.

The on course sessions will be unlike anything you have done before in your practice. You will learn that the biggest influence over your scores is what you do before and after you set up to the ball and in between shots.

Skills training stations will be setup for the range sessions. They will be personalised to your individual needs at your level.

We will keep track of your improvement via the CoachNow App, which you will have FREE access to. This is one of the best coaching tools I have ever used! You will use this to post your scorecards from rounds and practice session results for my review before training.

All training sessions will be based around what research shows is the most effective ways to learn and transfer new skills to the golf course under pressure.

As a certified The Scoring Method coach, Paul will give you access to work books, scorecards, purposeful practice cards and more all designed to make the game easier for you.

You will be doing 'Deliberate Purposeful Practice' with my regular feedback to fast track your learning and improvement.

You will feel part of a team that are all working towards a common goal.

You will have measured results that will show you improvement in the main scoring areas of your game.

What are the details?

Small group sessions (4 people max) will be on consecutive
@ Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre and Golf Course.

The first week's session will be on course, to assess your current game and create your improvement plan.

The second session will be at the range to start implementing your new training plan.

Each session, after that, will alternate between on the course and at the range.

Each session will be tailored to what your game requires at that time, which may change substantially or not much at all depending on your progress.

I have discovered that as you improve things can change quickly, and we may need to adjust our plan/goals as we go along. (some have hit there 10 shot goals in just two weeks!)

How much?

All of this will be for a bargain price of just $1100!
This is less than half the price of 1 on 1 coaching

The cost of 20 hrs of individual coaching with me would normally be $2400. ( Thats a whooping $1300 saving!)

This is significantly less than the coast of a new set of clubs and you will gain skills that will reduce your score by a significant amount more.

The new skills you learn will also continue to pay off throughout your golfing life. (Many graduates have continued to drop up to 15 shots more in the months after the program on there own!)

But the best part is the result is Guaranteed!
I am taking all the risk out of this for you. You will be 10 shots better of in ten weeks or I will coach you for FREE until you get there!

So what are you waiting for?
Book in a time to talk with Paul to see if this program will be right for you and if you can have one of the limited spots available.
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Proven Results

Below are just some of the results from my recent clients.
Richard Harvey
"The 10-week program changed the way I play golf, and as my handicap continues to drop, the skills Paul has taught me has not only taken away a lot of frustration but bought back the enjoyment of a round of golf.
Thanks, Paul."
Richard Harvey
Surfing Legend
Burleigh GC Member
Simon Schubert
"I realize now I have been a 115 plus player in the past even though I got the odd good score. I have already dropped 15 strokes at least cos can confidently say I'm Low 90s to 100 now and improving."
Simon Schubert
Keen golfer at
Tallebudgera GC
Paul McGeorge
"Hi Paul,
So the story goes two weeks ago 106 off the stick, then last week 96 off the stick this week 85 off the stick so in a fortnight 21 shots improvement, by simply following basic drill and stopping the sway.
Thank you again, and lost another shot so of 11 now Cheers."
Paul McGeorge
Emerald Lakes GC member
Lynn Coleman
"My first round of 9 holes at the Tally Valley Golf Club in May was 72 strokes.

Six months later it's 53.... but having lessons at a driving range is not the 'real deal' and this is where Paul stands out as a coach."

Lynn Coleman
Beginner golfer
Jackie Ellis City
"At the beginning of our 10-week course I wasn't even sure how Paul was going to help me to improve. However, by using the Scoring Method this has made me SO aware of what I was doing, and giving me a way of playing the game with more control and confidence.
Thank you for a fabulous 10 weeks, have thoroughly enjoyed it. You are a great Coach!"
Jackie Ellis
City Golf Club member
Russell Strohfeldt
" Great round again yesterday. C - grade Medal winner. FREE ham for Christmas!

All starting to come together...only lost 1 or two balls over the last few months as opposed to a few a round."

Russell Strohfeldt
Tally Valley GC Member

A little bit about me and my coaching beliefs

Who is Paul Williamson?
"Your Golf swing is not even close to your biggest problem!" - Paul Williamson
Paul Williamson

That's right, you heard correctly.

After 25+ years of helping golfers just like you to shoot lower scores without changing their golf swings, I have found that most golfers decision making, a lack of any consistent strategies and very low awareness of what they are doing compared to what is actually going on, are the real problems with their games.

They watch the Pro's play on TV and think that that is how they 'should' play the game. Their expectation levels are through the roof!

These high expectations create an enormous amount of tension and anxiety over the ball, and it is this tension, and not your swing 99% of the time, that creates the majority of your bad shots on the course.

I have seen this so many times in my 25+year career playing in Pro-ams with amateurs of all abilities. They think their bad shot was caused by a technical problem with their swing or some "mental block" unique to them.

I have found that by making them aware of what they were doing and then giving them a basic strategy to follow, their results improved dramatically.

Their swings even got better without focusing on them!

The 'real' game of golf is not that hard. I will teach you simple, easy to apply strategies that will lower your tension, improve your results, and bring the enjoyment back to your game.

You will not have to change your swing to apply these strategies!

You will not need to get worse before you get better. What's even better is we will do this on the actual golf course!

How crazy is that, golf coaching on the golf course and not just on the driving range!
Book a chat with Paul to see if you are the right fit to join this team.

Some more very happy clients!

Imagine what 10 shots lower would feel like to you?


If you are currently shooting over 90 on a full-length golf course, then I will guarantee you will shoot 10 shots lower in 10 weeks, or I will keep coaching you for FREE in my group coaching sessions until you get there.
Of course, there are conditions and expectations with this guarantee.

1- You must be open to trying a new way to get better at golf. You must be dedicated, enthusiastic, and committed to change. This program will not be like any other lessons you have done. Therefore you may be asked to do things that you don't necessarily "want" to do in training, but you "need" to do them for lower scores.
2 - You must turn up to 10 sessions over 12 weeks (you can have two absent sessions up your sleeve for good reasons).
3 - You must do what is asked of you and keep track of some basic statistics during all training sessions and rounds.
4 - You must stay the course If you are currently shooting over 90, and our first on-course assessment confirms this, then I will guarantee you will shoot 10 shots lower in 10 weeks, or I will keep coaching you for FREE in my group coaching sessions until you get there.

If you don't abide by these conditions, then the guarantee is gone. Real results require commitment and dedication, If you can't commit to this it is OK. I have plenty of other coaching options that will get you better in your own time just call me to find out more. 0411 230 374

PS. Once you have shot 10 shots or less, I will ask you to refer all of your friends who you know would love to shoot lower scores as well.